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The pharmaceutical industry’s exacting production standards require precision in the finished product. To accomplish this, the control systems used for each process must be strictly maintained and calibrated to comply with the requirements of this industry. During calibration work, each piece of data is recorded so that it is available during analysis or audit. Moreover, these data meet industry standards.


Calibration in this type of industry involves the same requirements as the pharmaceutical industry. All work and related data must be traceable via the industry standards.


During the casting process, it is important to reach and maintain adequate and accurate temperatures, which can be done using precise calibration, and thus end up with a quality product. This is also true for calibrating presses in order to ensure product uniformity. This precision is the result of good calibration.

Pulp & Paper

This industry must be at the leading edge given the high competition on the market. Although their production systems use state-of-the-art measurement equipment, they are must be subject to audits and calibrations in order to ensure that these data are accurate when transmitted to control systems in order to ensure a quality product or when used to manage energy for production.

Lumber Dryers

To ensure maximum production with minimal stoppage, production control instrument calibration is an essential asset. As well, for accreditation applications requirements, it is important to obtain traceable calibration data that can that meet the standards of the different regulatory agencies.

Chemical Products

Whether researching or developing a product, the instruments (tools) used must be highly precise. This precision is achieved through the appropriate calibration of instruments used during research. Moreover, the results of tests are more consistent given the precision of calibration. Regarding the environment, when neutralizing wastewater, control instrument calibration is crucial for preventing environmental pollution.

Technical Support

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It is important that products be identical across different recipes. To do this, each measurement instrument used in the production control system loops must be precisely calibrated to ensure that measurements are as close as possible to the standards. Using sophisticated reference equipment, we can carry out this work with a very high level of accuracy.



Contrôle-Max is a company that works in maintaining the effectiveness of processes by offering services related to the instrumentation and control of precision equipment.

Since 1989, our main goal has been to provide high satisfaction to our clients by giving them access to specialized, customized and premium quality products. Over the years, Contrôle-Max has earned an enviable reputation with a large number of companies, including some of the most important ones in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors.

Recognized for its expertise in calibration, Contrôle-Max can offer its clients various services for specialized equipment. Moreover, since we opened our doors, we certify new and used equipment based on the standards of manufacturers or government agencies in line with our procedures from the outset. As well, Contrôle-Max can be a major partner for planning and carrying out plans for acquiring precision equipment...to learn more...